Inspiration Appoints John A. Gould as Its Qualified Person for Its Carscallen Gold Property (12-July-2016)

Inspiration Appoints John A. Gould as Its Qualified Person for Its Carscallen Gold Property

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John Alan Gould
48 Ley Road
Victory Park

Mobile: +27 82-335-1203 or +27 82 906 9105
E-mail: jagould@wol.co.za or lindy@newsmonitor.co.za

Date of Birth: 30 September 1957 - Born in Johannesburg, South Africa
Citizenship: South Africa
ID Number: 570930 5035 009
Qualifications: University of the Witwatersrand: BSc (Geology, Physics and Chemistry)
Potchefstroom University of Higher Christian Education: BSc (Hons) (Geology)
SACNASP Registration: 400022/10
Married to Lindy for 31 years and have three children, Alan aged 30, James aged 28 and Dominique aged 19.

Summary Career Steps (from latest to earliest)

1. Partner and technical advisor to junior mine developer, Madini Resources, which has interests within the broader Africa.
2. Partner and Senior Vice President and a significant shareholder in a Canadian registered South American and Namibian salt and potash exploration company.
3. Chief Operating Officer and Vice President Exploration for a deep level gold and uranium mine, First Uranium Corporation, a then listed TSX Company with operations in South Africa.
4. Managing Director for a developing platinum exploration company operating in South Africa.
5. Mine Manager for Harmony Gold Mine (Ltd), South Africa.
6. Technical Manager for Harmony Gold Mine (Ltd).
7. New Business Manager for JCI (Ltd), Randfontein Estates Gold Mine, South Africa.
8. Technical Services Manager for Joel Gold Mine (Ltd), South Africa.
9. Assistant Chief Geologist for Amandelbult Platium Mines, Rustenburg Platinum Mines (Ltd), South Africa.
10. Assistant Chief Geologist, Randfontein Estates Gold Mine, South Africa.
11. Graduate Geologist and bursar for Gold Field of South Africa.


At the start of John Gould's career, he was initially involved in Witwatersrand-type and Bushveld-type mining operations in South Africa. His experience includes all aspects of mining and geological aspects that extended over deep and shallow level gold mining operations (Venterspost, East Driefontein, Randfontein Estates, Joel Gold Mine, ERPM, Grootvlei Gold Mine, Harmony and Virginia Gold Mines) as well as experience in the platinum mines (Rustenburg Platinum Mines ' Amandelbult Section).
His career path resulted in him having held positions of Mine Geologist through to Technical Services Manager (including geology, rock mechanics, ventilation, survey, mining, mine planning and sampling), Mine Manager, and Executive Member of local mining companies, Managing Director for a developing junior exploration companies and more recently owner, director and executive for a private exploration and mine development company. The career path involved Gold Fields of South Africa, Johannesburg Consolidated Investment Company, Harmony Gold Mine, Platinum Group Metals Limited, First Uranium Corporation and finally a private company, Gold Dragon Resources.
John Gould's international corporate experience started with him having headed up the South African operations for Platinum Group Metals for which he was responsible for the development, market position and technical performance of the company. Platinum Group Metals is a Toronto listed company with its primary assets in South Africa.
John Gould then joined First Uranium Corporation as Vice President Exploration and Technical Services, and was initially responsible for the Business Plans for the company. The company rehabilitated and commissioned the Ezulwini Mine, a 200kT gold and uranium operation as well as the Mine Waste Solutions operations, a 1.2Mt sand processing operation. He was then promoted to Chief Operating Officer for First Uranium (Ezulwini Mining Company) and was responsible for the entire operation. He was involved in the restructuring and re-opening of this significant gold and uranium operation that employed some 4,000 underground and plant operational people. The operations involved the reopening of a shaft and extracting both the gold and uranium from the shaft pillar as well as remnant ground. The operations were eventually sold to Gold One, a significant operator in the gold and uranium sector in South Africa.
John Gould, then, together with prominent mining, engineering and legal specialists, launched an exploration and mine development company with assets in Chile and Namibia. The company is involved in the development of a de-icing and chlor-alkali salt operation in the Atacama Desert in northern Chile. The company is also involved in the development of industrial minerals from brines for the ultimate production of fertilisers from sites both in Chile and Namibia. John Gould is the principal technical and financial modeller for the development of these operations. Recent significant mile-stones include the funding of the company as well as having just recently being awarded a mining permit for the salt operations.
Most recently, John Gould has been involved in the development of business plans and strategies from a geological and geophysical point of view. He has specialised in the wolframite, tantalite and tin operations in Rwanda.
From a social responsibility point of view, John Gould has also play a leading role in the development and support of the Mineral Resources and Petroleum Development Act. His performance resulted in him being invited by the Honourable Minister Sonjica Buyelwa to accompany her on her world tour to the major institutions throughout the USA, Canada, Europe and Britain.

November 2014 ' Present
Partner and Technical Advisor
John Gould recently joined Madini Resources. Madini has adopted a unique strategy within the African exploration and mine development space. Madini has formed a consortium of highly qualified and experience professionals used in the rescue of distressed exploration and mining operations. John Gould plays a significant role in the development of the resources of these assets and contributes to the righ-sizing of production. Techniques utilised included the geophysical, geochemical and structural interpretation of the resources. This has led to the development of business plans and strategies. The work with Madini has concentrated primarily on the Rwandan wolframite, tantalite and tin deposits.

July 2010 ' October 2014
Significant Share Holder and Executive Vice President
John Gould, together with others, has founded a company which has focused on the exploitation of salts and industrial minerals in the Atacama Desert in northern Chile. The business has recently developed a bankable feasibility study for the salt operations and which resulted in the company been awarded a mining license. The company, under the technical guidance of John Gould, has made a significant discovery of industrial minerals held within brines and more recently in solid resources.

June 2009 ' June 2010
Chief Operating Office and Acting Chief Executive Officer
John Gould was promoted to Chief Operating Officer for First Uranium (Ezulwini Mining Company) and was responsible for the total operations. He was responsible for all financial, legal and technical aspects of the operations. He reported on these issues directly to the Chairman and Board of both First Uranium and Simmer and Jack.

2007 ' May 2009
Vice President Exploration and Technical Services - First Uranium Corporation
John Gould joined First Uranium Corporation as Vice President Exploration and Technical Services and was, among his various duties, responsible for the Business Plans for the company. The company has recently rehabilitated and commissioned the Ezulwini Mine, 200kT gold and uranium operation as well as the Mine Waste Solutions operations, a 1.2Mt sand processing operation.

First Uranium Corporation consists of Ezulwini Mining Company and Mine Waste Solutions, both of which are in South Africa and are Gold and Uranium mining operations. Both operations were redundant assets and have recently been recapitalized and rebuilt from scratch and are now both viable business entities.
John Gould was then promoted to Chief Operating Officer for the Group with specific responsibilities to manage the transformation of the operations from a development to mining entity.

Managing Director of Platinum Group Metals (RSA) (Pty) Limited ' a wholly owned subsidiary of Platinum Group Metals Limited ' a Toronto and AMEX Listed company.

John Gould held the position for a period of 5 years and was the founding employee for the South African company. The company had a 400% growth in market capitalization over the 5 year period and this has been based entirely on the asset developed in RSA under the management of John Gould.
Of importance in the structuring of the company was obtaining a balance between exploration and exploitation and homed in on the geological, mining and development, metallurgical, geophysical, drilling and evaluation, geostatistical, survey and financial aspects of the project. There was a conscious decision taken to take the company out of exploration in the junior mine development and this resulted in the development of the Western Bushveld Joint Venture with Anglo Platinum and Africa Wide. This allowed for the evaluation of the company based on the potential cash flow determined from the Pre-feasibility Study as well as the Bankable Feasibility study. This has resulted in the rapid, but responsible growth of the company as well as shareholder value.
John Gould initially got involved in the company that was originally without any properties of any significant value. Over the 5 year period the company successfully entered into a Joint Venture with Anglo Platinum over adjacent properties. John Gould's previous involvement with Anglo Platinum (through JCI) opened many doors based on historical relationships.
Under the direction of John Gould, coupled with dedication and focus on the development of a mine rather than driving the company in a purely exploration direction, the property has now entered into the final stages of a Bankable Feasibility Study (approved by Anglo Platinum) and should be entering into the mine financing and build phase in 9 to 12 months' time.
Whilst working together with Anglo Platinum, there was a strong need to present the findings of the projects in a professional manner. The presentation of the results was done in a manner suitable to satisfy the hurdle rates required by Anglo Platinum. Taking into account a relatively demanding mine-build environment, decision making has taken the technical necessities, financial, budgeting and various controls into account.
In addition to accommodating the requirements (through professional bargaining as well valid and well formulated technical presentations) as of the partners to the WBJV, there has been a very positive appeal to the investors

1998 to 2002
Mine Manager for Harmony Gold Mine (Doornkop Shaft).
John Gould was the first geologist to hold the position of Mine Manager (Mines Health and Safety Section 4 Appointment) on the significant gold producing Doornkop Shaft (Randfontein Estates). John Gould reported directly to the CEO Bernard Swanepoel and was responsible for a trackless and conventional mining operation employing about 1000 people. The shaft was the lowest cost gold producer in the Harmony Group running a about R190/ton. The success could be attributed to the successful implementation of the 'Harmony Way' system which is paramount in current day operations. Trackless mining was a major contributing factor to the success of the Doornkop Shaft.
Key to the initial success of the Harmony Operations was the development of the strategic 'Harmony Way'. Put simply, this is a system in which there is accountability, responsibility and authority placed at the operational level (and in the case of Harmony, at the Shaft Level) which utilised the mining, metallurgical, geological, geophysical, survey, rock engineering and financial skills. A system of continual improvement, measured against benchmarking against shaft within the Group, was initiated and was resulting overall success to the low cost producer. Paramount to the system described above was the alignment of the performance to the strategic planning. The success of the initial Harmony Groups results was due to the simplistic allocation of responsibility, accountability and authority at a level in which change could be initiated.

1998 to 2001
New Business Manager for Randfontein Estates Gold Mine (JCI).
John Gould was responsible for the Business Development Plan for the greater JCI in terms of increasing production profiles by acquisition and mergers. Targets of new sources developed over this period included the sourcing of material from open cast operations at Consolidated Murchison, waste material from rock dumps across the Witwatersrand and the development of the Vredefort Dome Kimberley Reefs. The merger of Durban Roodepoort Deep, West Rand Consolidated Mines and Randfontein Estates was also developed and promoted by John Gould.
Of particular importance as New Business Manager for Randfontein Estates was the failed attempt to consolidate the then failing DRD with Randfontein Estates. The deal was subsequently overtaken by the acquisition of Randfontein Estates by Harmony Gold Mining Company Limited. The exposure to the comparative evaluation of two adjacent operations was enlightening and valued experience.

1996 to 1998
Technical Manager and Executive Member for Harmony Gold Mine.
John Gould was involved as the Technical Manager (covering all aspects of geology, geophysics, ventilation, survey and rock engineering) for the merger of the Consolidated Murchison Gold Mine, ERPM and Grootvlei Gold Mines on the East Rand. In the declining gold price era of the late 90's, many of the older gold mines proved to be uneconomical and the merger and acquisition route was adopted to improve the efficiencies of these operations. John Gould contributed to the down scaling of the mine as well as the optimization of the various ore categories in order to stabilize the operations and bring the combined company back into profitability.
Although, at the time, the overall profitability of the operation was marginal, in hindsight, the potential to right size and optimize operations with respect to prevailing economic circumstances was invaluable experience. At today's metal prices the operation is viable and should similar opportunities arise, assessing the overall operations at various market conditions is essential for the long-term viability of long life mining operations.

1994 to 1995
Technical Services Manager and Executive Member for Joel Gold Mining Company Limited.
John Gould was promoted from being a geologist to overseeing Geology, Survey, Rock Mechanics, Geophysical and Ventilation for the Re-engineering process for the Joel Gold Mine. Joel was originally laid out as a Trackless operation which proved to be highly inefficient. Together with Gordon Miller ( former CEO of Simmers and Jack), the whole operation was converted back to a conventional mining method and under a new management philosophy of Re-engineering in which the services of the mining operation were combined into a single operating entity. This single operating entity was headed up by John Gould.
A crucial lesson learnt in the Joel experience is the application of trackless mining operations with respect to the ore body. Experience has taught that the mining method needs to be adapted to the ore body and not vice versa. Even on the same mine, there should have been a variety of mining methods adopted and not a single method of one-fits-all as was the case in the Re-engineer of the operation.
John Gould was at this stage in the South African mining industry when re-engineering was both desirable and essential. Falling grades and increasing costs warranted a examination of the structuring of the mines. He was fortunate enough to part of the Re-engineering group, reporting to Ken Maxwell, in which the whole of JCI (then having a major stake within the platinum industry) was structured to eliminate the 'columns of power' and work as a cohesive team with a common goal. Needless to say, the process and the mindset change took some months to get agreement and some years to implement. It was however the change the industry needed and many other group followed suite. John Gould was an integral part of the change management program and was responsible for the integration of Joel Mine's geological, survey, sampling, rock mechanic, safety and ventilation departments into a single Technical Services Department.

1990 to 1994
Assistant Chief Geologist ' Rustenburg Platinum Mines ' Amandelbult Section.
John Gould held the position of Assistant Chief Geologist for the Eastern Mine for the Amandelbult Section. John Gould was intricately involved in the design and positioning of the No.2 Shaft so that down dip extensions of the orebody could be reached. John Gould was also successful in identifying the Haakdoringdrift-type platinum reefs on the extreme eastern side of the operations with enabled the successful trackless mining of the particular area of the mine.

1983 to 1989
Geologist to Assistant Chief Geologist.
John Gould was originally a bursar for the then Gold Field of South Africa. His original training was done on Venterspost Gold Mine, Vlakfontein Gold Mine and East Driefontien Gold mine as both mining and exploration geologist. John Gould then joined Randfontein Estates Gold Mine as firstly a production geologist on Cooke 3 Shaft and then as Assistant Chief Geologist on Cooke 2 Shaft. John Gould's experience extended over the operation of ultra-deep mining up to massive trackless mining operations.

Gary Vermaak, Private Consultant: South African Mobile: +27 82 009 9983
Wouter de Vos, Operations Manager, Gold One: South African Mobile: +27 83 654 0358


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