Toronto, Ontario – Inspiration Mining Corporation (“Inspiration” or the “Corporation”) is pleased to announce that it has commenced formal negotiations with Compassion Cannabis whereby the Corporation and Compassion Cannabis will enter into some form of a business relationship which will initiate Compassion Cannabis’ exposure to the Canadian public markets. One of the options being discussed is the acquisition of all of the issued and outstanding securities of Compassion Cannabis which would result in it becoming a wholly owned subsidiary of the Corporation.

 Compassion Cannabis, a private Ontario company, has the expertise to capitalize on the various facets of the going marijuana market, including the “Vape” market and dispensary centers for the industry. The Corporation is of the opinion that the “Vape” market and dispensary centers represent an opportunity to capitalize on the growing medical cannabis industry.

 Inspiration will provide shareholders with updates on the status of its discussions with compassion Cannabis and there can be no assurance that the corporation will enter into any agreement with Compassion Cannabis.

 For further information, please contact Randy Miller, Chief Executive Officer of the Corporation, at tel: 416-842-9000

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